Hi, I'm Shannon!

I’m a Wisconsin tomboy who grew up on the back of a horse. Now you can usually find me in my favorite pair of Durango boots with an energy drink in hand one hand and a camera (or two) in the other. What I love the most about photographing my people, whether you’re a high school senior, couple, or equestrian, is that I get to use my God-given talent to bring joy to you!

I'm here to capture you in your natural element that showcases you in your entirety-I ain't here for none of that fake bs crap. We'll incorporate the things you love the most (aka please bring your dog along, they will get the good scratches). Let's make your next photoshoot all about having fun being you with western aesthetics and modern touches!

Brad & Caroline

Shannon was such an amazing photographer! She was so easygoing and fun throughout all of the day's trials! The pictures turned out amazing! We are so thankful! I encourage you all to check out her page! She is so talented!"