Get a glimpse into the experience you'll receive at Shannon Doan Photography...

At Shannon Doan Photography, I highlight a fun and straightforward process so that you receive the smoothest experience imaginable!

This experience is all about YOU. Keep reading to dive more into how we do that here!

Before the Photography Session

Prior to the photo shoot, we'll meet over a coffee or over zoom/phone to discuss the overall process and what it fully looks like to work with me! We'll discuss the timeline, locations, outfits, and all the in between details so that you are left with no questions to ask before we finally get to the fun part!

The Photography Session

The moment we've both been waiting for: your photography session! After planning and discussing what your ideal photography session looks like, we finally get to put our ideas into action. This is where we highlight YOU. It can be daunting at first to get in front of the camera, but leave those worries behind because that's why you've hired a professional ;)


Once the photography session is complete, we're both giddy to see the finished products. You will receive your digital photos 3-5 weeks after, and will have the option to add on any fine wall art, as well.