Megan's senior session

Megan's senior session was perfect with the time of the leaves. Golden hour made the fall foliage shine more vibrantly than ever. Between Megan herself, her outfits, and the location, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect session!! Megan started off her session in the most stunning blue dress, which accompanied the leaves in such an orchestrated manner. You can see her personality just shine in these photos:

Megan can be compared to the sun. She is always glowing, and melts your heart when you are close friends with her. She shows her personality strongly though singing and playing her ukulele. She has been involved in numerous musicals and plays, and she always gives 100% to them.

One thing I'll tell you about Megan is that she's passionate about fall, but most importantly she LOVES Christmas. Once the middle of October hits, it's all Christmas songs! Which I don't understand, because we're still appreciating the fall colors!

Speaking of fall colors and Megan, here's a few more photos from her session!

To say the least, Megan rocked her senior session! Everything was simply perfect, even when we were pretty confused about 30 boys running around our location on bikes, but we went with it!