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I've gotten several questions about what is the best time of the year to take portraits.

There is no wrong answer! Sure, backgrounds will be more pleasing with greenery, but that doesn't mean snow can't look pretty, either! Let's take a look at what different months of the year offer for backgrounds.

-January & February allow fresh, snow portraits. If you're lucky, you can get fresh snow that is still on trees, which gives a lovely look in pictures. That being said, it may not be ideal for a long session due to the freezing temps.

-March-oftentimes in March it is muddy, brown, and all of the tree leaves and plants are dead. With that being said, urban portraits still look nice. Outdoorsy pictures can still be done, just know that they will not look like summer portraits.

-April-The greenery starts to spring out around the brown in April. At the beginning of April, it will still look similar to March; however towards the end, there will be plenty of green.

-May brings lovely spring weather and greenery to the scene, meaning lovely backgrounds! At the beginning of May, the trees start to bud, which often times gives a spring feeling in your portraits.

-As June ushers in, summer starts to make it's way with the busiest months of the year, so be sure to book your session well in advance! All of the flowers are blooming and

-July and August are among the most popular of months to take any sort of portraits-especially high school seniors!

-September-With greenery's peak being July and August, September is the last month before the leaves start to turn orange. September is a perfect month to take family portraits because they include individual pictures of your kids, which could easily count as back-to-school photos.

-October is the month to get any portraits done while the leaves are still here and orange. This month brings a fall theme to your portraits.

-The beginning of November still allows some plants and orange leaves, but be wary that by the end it will mostly be gone. November resonates with March in the fact that greens are present for only part of the month. If there is snow in November(or in early December), it's perfect for taking last minute holiday card pictures.

-December is similar to January and February; however, it may not be as cold. Fresh snowy portraits are taken during this part of the year, before we all take a break for the holidays.

I personally recommend May-October, but don't disregard the other months. Just remember that all months hold their own beauty, so it's up to you to chose which kind you want!