I'm Shannon, a portrait and equine Photographer from Southwest Wisconsin. Photography is my creative release. There's always a new shot to create and a perspective to capture. I thoroughly enjoy capturing time itself in a photograph. My goal is to embody a positive experience while I capture part of your life. Through senior and family portraits, I am able to keep memories frozen in time.

I started photography by taking a class my freshman year of high school. I soon began to love it, and got my own camera for Christmas that year. I started fiddling around with my new creative outlet, and started taking images of people, nature, and animals. Since then, I have practiced, practiced, and practiced, developed my style and created my business.

I have always been a horse girl. My family has had horses since before I was born. I was weaving through poles on the mellowest western horse when I was four. I then found my love for jumping and eventing. My favorite pony was an appaloosa named Willy Rock. He was one quirky horse. He took my around my first starter horse trials, even though he was blind in his right eye. My most recent horse was Khana, and she took my around my first few training level horse trials. I am now lucky to have a bond with the best grey horse, Digger.

We have many horses in our life times. Why not preserve the memories in pictures? I regret not having many pictures with my past ponies, especially the ones who were extra special.

A few fun and quick facts about me:

-I love the TV show The Office

-I am a BBQ enthusiast.... and my favorite kind is from Culver's (proudly born and raised in the Midwest)

-I play guitar

-Nature and my horse barn are my happy places :)

-I enjoy dying my hair(because why not?!) It has been purple/grey, plum purple, and blue!

-I just a little bit obsessed with the Meyers Briggs personality test. I am an INFP!

Thanks for stopping by and check back next week for a new post!


Picture from Xpress Fotos